Cartoon Network's Adventure Time has inspired a toy line, countless cosplayers and an ongoing comic series from Boom! Studios, but strangely (considering the show's notable videogame influence and Game Boy-like character Beemo) no games. According to AT creator Pen Ward, however, a full-fledged Adventure Time Nintendo DS game from WayForward Technologies will arrive by the end of this year. He even created an animated .gif to celebrate. Watch it go!WayForward seems like a solid fit for an AT videogame, having handled the Batman: The Brave and the Bold Wii and DS games and a straightforward, but fun Thor movie title on the DS. Ward's been posting sketches from the game making process on Twitter over the past few months, and has confirmed that the new game will include plenty of his direct influence. Why, he's even described it as "hot to trot like a horse.. a DS horse.." and noted that its gameplay will be like playing his mind.

Ward's Twitter drawings:

At this point, there seems to be little doubt that efforts will be made to ensure Adventure Time game will pack in the same -- if not more -- energy as Mike Gaboury's spritely fan made animation:

[Via Twitter]

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