Between the show, the comic, the 3DS game and other assorted tie-ins and merchandise, there is a lot of Adventure Time stuff out there. This week, though, a new mobile game for iOS was released and immediately rocketed past almost everything else to the top of our to-purchase list. Why?

Because in addition to 20 levels of action controlled by swiping your screen to slash at enemies, this game has a brand-new story by the Adventure Time comic crew of Ryan North and Shelli Paroline about Lemongrab's difficulties in forming a band. This is something I need to read.

In addition to the Lemongrabs (whose band is called, of course, Unacceptable) and their truly amazing glam rock styles, the plot also involves the Ice King, because it would hardly be an Adventure Time game if it didn't. He's been tasked with rounding up a crowd for Unacceptable's debut show, and naturally has decided that the answer to all of his problems lies with kidnapping. Thus: conflict.

The swiping controls seem like they could be a little ill-advised at times given how easy it is to do a similar-but-entirely-wrong motion, but iffy gameplay is a small price to pay to see that story play out. Rock Bandits is available now in the app store for $1.99.

[Via Wired]

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