Agent Carter’s new adventures abroad likely won’t premiere on ABC until early 2016, but don’t you worry about Peggy slacking on the job. Production has officially begun on Agent Carter Season 2, and a new set photo released by Marvel teases a changing of the guard at the SSR.

You’re warned of Agent Carter Season 1 spoilers from here on out, but where the first season finale made it seem as if Jack Thompson’s (Chad Michael Murray) had his eye on the SSR Chief job after Dooley's (Shea Whigham) noble sacrifice, our first Season 2 photo sings a different song. This time around, it looks as if Agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) will be heading up the division (or at least potentially its Los Angeles branch):



Elsewhere of Agent Carter Season 2, Hayley Atwell previously teased we’d likely see more of Peggy’s lighter side, having let go of Steve Rogers in Season 1. Thus far, James D’Arcy and Enver Gjokaj have been confirmed to return as Jarvis and Daniel Sousa, while Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark and Chad Michael Murray’s Jack Thompson have also been suggested. Other reports confirm that the season will feature Madam Masque as its big bad, and soon to be casting “charming oddball” Dr. Henry, a scientist who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

We’ll have more on Marvel’s Agent Carter to come, but what else should the start of production bring to light on Peggy’s new adventures?


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