Japanese loungewear designer aimerfeel collaborated with DC Comics for their We Love Hero collection, featuring some of DC's finest. aimerfeel, known for adding healthy doses of kitsch and nostalgia to their lingerie collections, showcased the Golden Age incarnations of Batman, Superman, Batgirl and Robin in their latest lot of lingerie, boxers, and sleepwear. While a fair majority of the collection is comprised of unmentionables decked out in superheroic emblems and comic book panels, some of the featured hooded sweatshirts and lounge pants are notably trendy and wearable beyond the realms of loungewear (such as the Batman emblem zip-up hoodie and the Batman comic zip-up batwing hoodie). The collection ranges from ¥1050 - ¥6195 (approximately $14 - $80 US dollars), and is currently available for retail only in Japan.

Check out the entire collection of Bat-bras, Super-scivvies, and comic book chic casual wear after the jump!

Batman logo bra & panties set, ¥3465

Batman logo boxers, ¥1575

Batman logo hipster briefs, ¥1050

Superman logo bra & panties set, ¥3675

Superman logo boxers, ¥1575

Superman logo hipster briefs, ¥1050

Batgirl bra & panties set, ¥4095

Batgirl boxers, ¥1575

Batgirl panties, ¥1260

Pink Batman hipster briefs, ¥1050

Striped Superman bra & panties set, ¥3465

Striped Superman boyshorts, ¥1050

Batman comic bra & panties set, ¥3675

Batman comic boxers, ¥1575

Batman comic hipster briefs, ¥1050

Superman emblem panties [available in blue and black], ¥1050

Superman emblem boxers [available in blue and black], ¥1575

Batman bra & panties set [available in black and blue], ¥3675

Batman emblem boxers, ¥1575

Superman pullover hoodie [available in black and grey], ¥4515

Cropped Superman lounge pants [available in black and grey], ¥3465

Batman emblem zip-up hoodie [available in black and grey], ¥4515

Tapered Batman lounge pants [available in black and grey], ¥3045

Superman zip-up hoodie, ¥4095

Superman lounge pants, ¥3045

Striped Batman zip-up hoodie, ¥5145

Striped Batman lounge pants, ¥3045

Batgirl zip-up hoodie [available in black and pink], ¥4935

Cropped Batman lounge pants, ¥3465

Batman comic zip-up batwing hoodie, ¥5145

Batman comic lounge pants, ¥3465

Plush Batman hoodie, ¥6195

Plush Batman lounge shorts, ¥2625

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