The world of comic books is full of debates as to who is the strongest, the fastest, the toughest or just the plain best, but it's often hard to come to a decisive idea about who is the greatest in their field. In MVP, we want to know which character stands head and shoulders above their peers and contemporaries, and we need your help to do it.

Over the past twenty years, the Birds of Prey have gone from a two-person operation to a sprawling network of operatives highlighting some of the most efficient, effective and iconic female superheroes. What we want to know is, out of the team's surprisingly large history of members, which ones make the top ten?

When it comes to Birds of Prey, it would be silly to pretend that the top three won't be some combination of Barbara Gordon, Black Canary and Huntress, but seeing which order the three iconic Birds end up in will be interesting. Lady Blackhawk is also a very strong contender, having more than proved herself in the late '00s as a core member of the team.

Kate Spencer, AKA Manhunter, took over for Black Canary for a while following the latter's marriage to Green Arrow, and Big Barda provided the team with much needed muscle. That said, who can write off Misfit and Black Alice, two very different teens that each offer their own brand of "Dark Vengeance"?

Let us know who you think gets the top spot for the best Bird of Prey below, and we’ll be back in a few weeks with a countdown of their top ten. You can vote for up three selections in the poll!



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