The world of comic books is full of debates as to who is the strongest, the fastest, the toughest or just the plain best, but it's often hard to come to a decisive idea about who is the greatest in their field. In MVP, we want to know which character stands head and shoulders above their peers and contemporaries, and we need your help to do it.

The Teen Titans is one of the most iconic teams in superhero comics, and over the past fifty-plus years the team has seen dozens of members come through its ranks. Some of them have gone on to great things; some of them have gone on to be cannon fodder in a crossover event penned by Geoff Johns. What we want to know is, which Teen Titan is the greatest of all time?

When talking about greatest Teen Titans and attempting to seed who the top picks are, the favorites have to be the five heroes found every Saturday morning on Cartoon Network as stars of Teen Titans Go! Robin (or Nightwing, as he is in the comics), Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven and Cyborg are the most well-known Titans in pop culture, so it'll be no surprise if they all crack the top ten.

However, it's also worth considering the popularity of other characters such as Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Superboy. Some of these characters didn't join until later incarnations of the team in the 21st century, but they played a big part in the Young Justice cartoon and have their fair share of fans willing to bump them up the polls towards the top.

It'll also be interesting to see which obscure Teen Titans members manage to make the cut, and which ones don't receive any votes. Are there any massive fans of the time The Atom was a teenager and led the Teen Titans? How about any particularly devoted Risk fans waiting to have their voices heard? There's only one way to support your favorite Titan, so check out the poll below. You can vote for up to five different Titans in this poll, so choose wisely.



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