Over the weekend, the International Olympic Committee announced that Tokyo will be the host for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games.

That's great news for the city, except, as basically everyone on social media pointed out after the announcement, it could possibly mean Tokyo will be destroyed by psionic super-people and overrun by teenage motorcyle gangs. Why, you ask? Because the exact same thing happens in Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira.

Obviously there are differences. Tokyo was never destroyed in 1982 in an attack by a godlike child, later explained away by the government as a nuclear explosion, setting off World War III and forcing the city to be rebuilt on a man-made island and renamed Neo-Tokyo. And, you know, the stadium looks different.

I think we can still expect there to be some kind of cryonic stasis facility to be built under the new stadium, and we can rest assured the that the Canadian teams will be plenty confused every time someone in a crowd yells out, "Kan-eeeeeee-da!"

We can also assume that this song will be the official theme music of the 2020 Summer Games (video may be NSFW):

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