In a huge move for improving access to manga, Comixology has announced a partnership with publisher Kodansha to bring huge volumes of their manga library to its digital comics service. That means you have one less reason to say, "I don't read Manga"! With a whole range of amazing titles coming online, perhaps it's time to try out series like Noragami, The Seven Deadly Sins, or the blockbuster hit Attack on Titan and its various spin-offs.

As part of the move, over 350 comics will be winging their way onto Comixology over the next few months, with A Silent Voice, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, and Inuyashiki all among the first wave.



One obstacle often cited by fans who want to get into manga is that they just don't know how to get hold of it. It's not often widely available, and certainly not always legally available online. A lot of fans have turned to unauthorized and unreliable fan-translations, which provide no compensation to the people who make the comics. For many readers, Comixology's deal with Kodansha offers their first easy and authorized access to a whole new world of comics.

The press release from Comixology promises that new issues will be made available the same day as the print editions, and it looks like there'll also be some digital-first comics coming up as well. Kodansha's library also includes some of the most acclaimed works ever to grace the comics page, including Akira, Sailor Moon, and Ghost in the Shell, so hopefully those classic works will find their way to Comixology in time.


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