Alec Jones carves out some seriously thick shapes in his illustrative excursions through video game and sci-fi concepts. Any Joshua Cotter fans out there should dig the solid lines and blocky masses that make up his fantastic robots and Batman tributes.
Jones also brings out a dark, subtle undercurrent in traditionally more joyful subjects, such as Mario and Luigi and Disney's Beauty and the Beast. The little black button-eyes he sticks on them will look straight into your soul over on his personal blog, The Alex Tree.

Whether he's strapping crazy technology onto the backs of cats or whipping out his Jedi collage-master skills on Sonic the Hedgehog and Link, Jones crams together some eye-popping clusters of controlled chaos. Best of all, though, he manages to make them all look bafflingingly clean and simple when he finishes. Have a look at our favorites from his feed below: