The latest The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers trailers put Marvel's big-money casts out in the open for the world to see recently. Artist Alex Tuis surely isn't alone in his desire to see a few different faces put on Marvel's most famous spandex suits, but he does possess unique talents when it comes to visualizing his personal casting choices and sharing them with the Internet.Harvey Keitel as Wolverine and Rutger Hauer as Thor are tough to argue with, and they become even more convincing calls after you have seen them rendered in-costume in Tuis' online gallery of excitement.

Bruce Lee as Spider-Man, of course, could prove to be a challenging request, considering Lee is deceased. Bill Bixby and Guy Williams are also unavailable. Nevertheless, these fan-made posters that Tuis has created are all brilliant, and if Marvel or Fox ever do decide to make a Naomie Harris Mohawk-Storm solo flick, we will be right behind him in line to check it out.