Long ago in 1979, an 11-year-old boy named John White was cruelly forbidden to see the totally awesome R-Rated sci-fi film Alien. While most kids might let "never actually seeing the movie" get in the way of enjoying it, White did not, and thus made his own Alien comic book adaptation of what he imagined it was like.

Now a professional designer, White is posting pages from the comic at the Alien Age 11 (which also links to his youthful Star Wars comic). As someone who once made an unbelievably embarrassing Rescue Rangers/New Kids on the Block comic at 9 years old and posted it to the internet two decades later, I can attest to simultaneous joy/shame of discovering this sort of relic, sharing it with the world, and never, ever being able to take it back. [via io9, Metafilter]

Check out at Alien Age 11 for much more, including regular updates of new (decades-old) pages!

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