There are a lot of boutique toy companies out there, but Super7 has consistently hit that sweet spot of niche properties and clever interpretations. This year at New York Comic Con, the company's ability to balance those elements was on display in full force with new MUSCLE sets, an updated look at 3.75" Hellboy figures, and the grand debut of the Masters of the Universe Classic Ultimate Editions. It's possible Super7 had the best pound-for-pound showing of exciting new toys at NYCC.

If you thought the future of the Masters of the Universe Classics line was dire, fret not for another moment. Super7 has come along to save the re-imagined He-Man toys with an impressive collection built straight from the MOTU Classics archive. That's right; if you missed out on any of the earlier incarnations of these figures from Mattel, you'll be able to get them from Super7 with "ultimate" packaging, which means all the heads and accessories you can possibly handle. And you won't need a subscription to do it either.

For now it looks like the line is mostly about supporting the figures that have been out of circulation for a while, but this "greatest hits" of sorts does have advantages. Now you don't need a number of different figures to capture all the possible accessories, and you can have the "best" versions of these toys. For someone like me, who definitely missed out on literally every one of these --- but wants almost all of them --- this is a win-win.

The Hellboy 3.75" figures were on display in early form at San Diego Comic-Con, but seeing them all painted up and with their proposed backing cards makes them even more appealing. There aren't a terrible amount of Hellboy collectibles out there these days, and though I wish we could get another super-detailed/articulated series, I do dig the simplicity of Super7's work here. Hellboy is just strange enough as a franchise that you believe this may have been a lost line from the BPRD's heyday. I only hope these aren't too difficult to track down.

I can't say I've ever really felt invested in MUSCLE figures before, but when you mash that miniature figure line together with a license I love, it's hard for me to ignore. Such is the case for the upcoming Alien MUSCLE wave, which brings the crew of the Nostromo down to pocket size. Every character is still immediately recognizable, even Ash with his rolled up murder magazine, and these are going to look great on my desk. Can't wait to see if Super7 moves on to the sequel next, because who doesn't want a mini-Vasquez holding things down by the paperclips?


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