At New York Comic Con, we got the first look at Super7's take on the Masters of the Universe, which it took up from Mattel last year. Though many of the first wave were characters we'd seen before, the next few waves look to have even more deep cuts from the subscription service previously under Mattel's command. As strong as those Four Horsemen-designed figures look, Super7 had even more interesting products on display, including a rare Jack Kirby character getting his first toy ever.

Most people are probably aware of the CIA plot to extract six Americans from Iran thanks to the movie Argo. At the time of the movie's release, much was made of Jack Kirby's connection to the event thanks to the use of abandoned concept art in the escape plan. That concept art was originally from Lord of Light, a novel by Roger Zelazny, for which Kirby had drawn up designs for film and theme park adaptations. Nothing ever materialized, but now Super7 is giving the Lord of Light an action figure in its ReAction line.

There's not much to the figure at this time as the prototype was still in a few different pieces at the show, but the potential card back is chock full of Kirby goodness. It's easy to complain about only getting a Jack Kirby character in 3.75" form, but without Super7 doing it in this format, in all likelihood we'd never see it period. We should have a better idea about how the final figure will turn out at SDCC this year.

Aside from Lord of Light, Robotech and the Toxic Avenger will also get ReAction waves. The more interesting twist is the new ReAnimated branch of ReAction. The figures suppose an animated version of Alien, Predator and Planet of the Apes existed, and that they all got action figures that could mix and mingle with one another. Now I know POTA actually did have a cartoon in the time long, long ago, but Super7's designs all have a similar style and shape that gives them a more unified personality. Only the xenomorphs were around in prototype form, but this is a line I will be watching very closely.



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