It was a relatively small showing from Kotobukiya at this year's Toy Fair, but nearly everything being shown off was brand new. That includes a healthy dose of ArtFX statues both large and small, and some new licenses like DC's television shows. Sure, there were more Star Wars and Bishoujo pieces in place, but Koto has plenty in store for fans of just about everything under the sun.

As has been expected of late, the latest Bishoujo pieces are looking good. Kotobukiya has gone young with the most recent Marvel characters in the line, offing up Squirrel Girl and now Ms. Marvel as the newest characters to get Shunya Yamashita's touch. Ms. Marvel makes for a great-looking Bishoujo statue, and Yamashita's design maintains all her personality without compromising her character. It's a little too early to know if that will also hold true for DC's Katana, though the concept art for her statue makes her appear as a strong warrior in a tasteful pose.

The biggest surprise on hand for Kotobukiya was the announcement of new Gotham and Arrowverse ArtFX statues. The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow will all have their leads given 6" statues capturing them in stoic poses. It's likely we'll see more from Legends of Tomorrow coming in the next year or so as well. Cobblepot and Gordon get the first Gotham pieces, but you have to expect some of the villains from the show won't be far behind.

It should be noted the Ikeman Nightwing wasn't on hand in any form, aside from a poster on the side of the booth. The "beautiful man" statues are still coming, but it'll be at least until San Diego Comic-Con this year that we get a look at the sculpted piece and not just more concept art. There might even be a second character announced by then too, so keep your fingers crossed for that sexy Bruce Wayne or Jason Todd you've been waiting for. Let's all just hope it's not Damian.


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