For not having had a whole lot of collectibles over the past few years, it certainly shaping up to be a good 2017 for Kamala Khan. The most current Ms. Marvel has been a fan-favorite since her debut, but only now are companies beginning to capitalize on a fanbase eager for ways to show their affections towards the teen hero.

Kotobukiya's upcoming Bishoujo Ms. Marvel sets the bar fairly high for the rest of the competition, capturing Kamala's attitude and style without compromising her character.

Based on designs from Shunya Yamashita, the man behind the core of Koto's Bishoujo series, the Ms. Marvel statue really gets Khan's demeanor just right. Sure she's ready for a fight, but she's also smiling at whatever is coming her way. Even when faced with adversity, she's still in awe of the moment. After being a hero for some time, you'd think Kamala would start to become as cynical as many of her peers, but instead she remains a captivated by the idea that she's just like her idols.

The sculpt has a lot of wonderful detail as well, giving the statue that much more personality. From the careful rendering of the heirloom jewelry on her wrist to the seams of her blue dress defining the the tailoring, there's very little nuance missed by Koto's craftsmen. Though her flowing scarf does look like it might be a bit fragile, the way it and her hair are "blowing" adds a dynamic element that catches your eye. If those portions of the statue were styled to strictly, you'd miss out on capturing this specific moment of knock-kneed anxiousness before the first punch.

The Bishoujo Ms. Marvel is available for pre-order now for $74.99, and will be out in September 2017.