Last year, McFarlane Toys reworked its strategy a bit. Instead of focusing on a few longrunning lines, the company switched to a primary series that encompassed all its licensed properties. Dubbed Color Tops, each wave mixes up comic, gaming, television and film characters into a larger collection. While the big guns like The Walking Dead still make up the primary focus, now things like Mass Effect, Attack on Titan, and even Spawn all fall under one banner. Add in building sets, and you have quite a bit of promising content coming from McFarlane in 2017.

First things first: all the Color Top figures are going to be getting more articulation in the new year. McFarlane has heard the fan feedback, and will be moving towards figures with at least a dozen points of articulation moving forward. While many of the pieces on display at Toy Fair 2017 didn't necessarily show that, they were all mostly early prototypes and not production samples. Still that's good news for figures in the Destiny line, the Mass Effect line, and even things like Attack on Titan and One-Punch Man.

Secondly, I don't think anyone could have expected McFarlane Toys to snap up Steven Universe for one of its next building sets lines, but we're just as eager to get our hands on them as anyone else. There just aren't enough Steven Universe figures or collectibles out there, and these building sets are but a taste of what McFarlane has in mind for the license.

The same can be said for the South Park and Rick and Morty building sets, which will surely be big hits in 2017. Both of the animated shows have followings eager for more collectibles, and neither show has had much to offer fans in the past few years. While there was a time when South Park had a number of action figures on the market, those days are long gone. Getting locations from the show bursting with Easter eggs is a nice bonus. The sooner the Rick and Morty sets arrive, the better for me (and the worse for my shelves).

No Invincible figures were on display, but they are coming, and they will be in scale with the comic book Walking Dead figures. Finally, you'll be able to make those two worlds collide in more than just a variant cover.


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