Noah Centineo is no longer a master of the universe.

It was two years ago to the day that Centineo, star of The Fosters and the To All the Boys franchise, confirmed that he was set to play He-Man in the upcoming live-action reboot of Masters of the Universe, based on the eternally popular toy line and animated series of the 1980s. Two years later, there’s been very little progress on the project — and now it seems like it’s back at square one.

TheWrap reports that Centineo has quietly dropped out of the film, leaving the new He-Man without its new He-Man. (Dolph Lundgren played the role in the last live-action He-Man movie, which was released in 1987.) The trade confirmed the news with a Centineo representative, but were given no reason for the decision.

This film will be directed by Aaron and Adam Nee, who’ve also contributed to the script by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum. The new Masters of the Universe will follow the broad strokes of the original concept and focus on...

...Prince Adam, heir to the throne of planet Eternia, who uses the magical Power Sword to transform into the heroic warrior He-Man. With the help of his allies Teela, Man-at-Arms, Orko and The Sorceress, He-Man defends the kingdom from the evil wizard Skeletor (so-named because his face is an exposed skull), who seeks to gain control of Castle Grayskull, source of He-Man’s powers.

So who will be the next actor to grab the Power Sword? What actor could possibly play a role that was previously filled (or almost filled) by Dolph Lundgren and Noah Centineo? It is impossible to imagine such a (he) man.

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