Week after week, comic publishers keep the artists they employ hard at work trying to come up with covers that will make you, the jaded comic buying public, stop and pay attention to them as you peruse the sea of titles that adorn the shelves of your local comic shop or digital comic retailer of choice. Desperate to get you to step outside of your pull-list and give some new or not so new book a chance, they metaphorically cry out, "Please! Judge us by our cover!" In the latest of our galleries celebrating the best covers of the year, we're looking at the best covers from Dark Horse.

2016 saw Dark Horse continue to expand and enrich its roster of original titles like Harrow County, Spell On Wheels, and The Massive, as well as in the "Mignola-verse" with new and continuing series featuring Hellboy, Abe Sapien, and the BPRD, but there were also dozens of new additions to their licensed franchises like Aliens, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Call of Duty, and crossovers like Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes!

After carefully reviewing all of the covers for Dark Horse books published with cover dates between January and December of 2016, we've selected a collection that runs the eye-catching, attention-grabbing gamut. Some are fun, some are striking, some are unusual, and some are downright weird, but they all beg for a second look. Maybe even a third? If you're really taken, you should also read the comics!


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