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Best Comic Book Covers Ever (This Month): September 2014
A great comic book cover is an advertisement, a work of art, a statement, and an invitation. A great comic book cover is a glimpse of another world through a canvas no bigger than a window pane. In Best Comic Book Covers Ever (This Month), we look back over some of the most eye-catching, original and exceptional covers of the past month. September's covers include masterclass composition from Genndy Tarkakovsky and Noelle Stevenson, some beautiful uses of light, color, and contrast, and some very different portraits of gods, old and new.
Best Comic Book Covers Ever (This Month) – February 2012
A great comic book cover has a lot of work to do. It's both an advertisement and a work of art; both a statement and an invitation. Sometimes they convey character, sometimes mood, sometimes moment. Sometimes they pastiche the classics or pay tribute to the past; sometimes they strive to show us something entirely new...
Best Covers Ever (This Month) – January 2012
The peculiar truth about comic book covers is that they're on comics, but they're not comics. Covers are generally single images, not sequential, which makes them a separate art form, one that owes as much to poster ads and book design as it does to the comic panel or page...