Mike Huddleston

Best Covers Ever (This Year): Image Comics 2016 Edition
The end of the year is a time of reflection in many ways, and that often means thinking about and assessing what the very best releases in any particular medium were. As we prepare to cross the threshold into 2017, we've been collecting some of the best covers of the year by publisher for your perusal, and today we're looking at fifty of the best comic book covers released from Image Comics in 2016.
The Charles Xavier Memorial Awards: ComicsAlliance's Best Comics of 2012, Part 2
We didn't realize when we set out to list our favorite comic books of 2012 that it had been such a fun year to be a fan of the medium that we all love so much. The last twelve months offered readers a wide variety of work ranging from the most crowd-pleasing superhero epics to the most idiosyncratic of indies; the return of much missed mangaka and the emergence of exciting new talent; a new crowd-
‘The Strain’ #1 Brings Guillermo del Toro’s Vampires to Life in Disgusting Detail [Preview]
Arist Mike Huddleston (Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker) had his work cut out for him when he was brought on to illustrate Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's vampire novel trilogy The Strain in comics. The series' monsters sport disturbingly unique biology that sets them apart from contemporary vamps requiring some serious collaboration between Huddleston, comic series writer David Lapham (Str
Mike Huddleston Pulls Out Some Cosmic Art Guns on Boba Fett and Orion
Mike Huddleston keeps his craft honed making comics in books like "The Coffin" at Oni Press and his upcoming Image launch "Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker" with Joe Casey. He's got a street-art-inspired look his work that could be appropriately placed on a spectrum between Chris Bachalo's sometimes exaggerated proportions and the free-spirited energy of Jim Mahfood, and
Devil’s Due Publishing November 2007 Solicitations
Sheena #6 Frequency of Publication: Monthly Ongoing Series Retail Price: Cover A/B/C - $3.50 Author: Robert Rodi (Rogue, Loki, Elektra) Concept by Steven E. De Souza (Die Hard screenplay writer) Artist: Matt Merhoff Cover Artists: A – Joe Jusko B – Ryan Odagawa C – Tim Seeley Her identity established, the enemy identified, and the goal set...