Mike Huddleston
keeps his craft honed making comics in books like "The Coffin" at Oni Press and his upcoming Image launch "Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker" with Joe Casey. He's got a street-art-inspired look his work that could be appropriately placed on a spectrum between Chris Bachalo's sometimes exaggerated proportions and the free-spirited energy of Jim Mahfood, and nowhere are those aspects more apparent than in some recent sketches he made for a few French fans.
Huddleston absolutely killed with a Boba Fett that went out to one lucky buyer. Thankfully, he shared that piece and other commissions on his personal blog, though, where you can check them out for yourself. He's got sketches of characters from Totoro and Morpheus to Hellboy and Wolverine there, and they're all beautiful.

New Gods enthusiasts especially will want to scope out his slightly Paul Pope-ish, rainbow-laden Orion portrait, which ranked among Judge Dredd, Darth Vader and others on our list of favorite Huddleston specimens below.

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