By far the most intriguing of the incoming Marvel NOW slate is All-New X-Men, which not only brings the publisher's longtime Avengers architect Brian Michael Bendis to an ongoing mutant title for the first time, but truly threw everyone for a loop when it was announced that the book would pull the original X-Men of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby out of the past and drop them into present day X-Men lore (let's not think about "what year it was" when those '60s stories are meant to have happened in "Marvel Time," it gives me the fear). For some continuity-conscious Marvel fans, this might seem like an audacious move fraught with peril, but I think it's crazy enough that it just might work. Naturally, that the book will be drawn by Stuart Immonen with Wade von Grawbadger certainly guarantees it'll be pretty.

With All-New X-Men debuting in November, Marvel has been sending out Bendis script excerpts with the associated Immonen/von Grawbadger artwork. We've assembled them in order below, along with a brand new page that you're seeing for the first time here at ComicsAlliance.

Pages 2-3, via

1- Ext. Jean Grey School for Higher Learning- day

Wide shot of the mansion from the front gate looking in.

It is a gorgeous day and it's a calm day at the mansion.

Reads: the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning



I am mutating.

And it is [REDACTED].

Page 12, via Newsarama

4- Iceman looks at us and thinks out loud.


When we were young we were always worried about a mutant apocalyptic nightmare!

I'm telling you, if the young us saw what was going on today it would feel WORSE than the mutant apocalyptic nightmare we used to WORRY about!

Page 15, via iFanboy

5- Ororo is angry and the sky behind her is dark purple wind and lightning. The wind is insane.



I know, Kitty.

But a fight like this will end in half the mutants dead and half the world hating us.

All we've been doing here will have been for nothing.

Pages 16-17, via CBR

4- Iceman is next to Hank, who leans on the blackbird. Trying to disguise [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]... And says it.


The thing is Ororo, I've known Scott longer than ANYONE.

Me AND Hank.

We've known him forever. We were the ORIGINAL X-Men.

The Scott we grew up with - he would HATE this.

Page 19, via me me me me me

1- Hank turns and looks his friend right in the eye. He is at his wit's end.

Scott is calm and friendly. This is boy scout Scott. He could not be further from revolutionary Scott.

Bobby shrugs.


I know EXACTLY what I'm saying, Scott.


But your training.


I think- yes. I'm resigning from the X-Men.

Aaaaaand scene.

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