Since its debut last year with some of the most compelling titles on the stands, it's safe to say that the Young Animal line has had some success digging into the more obscure characters from DC's catalog. We've even got a Cave Carson book that features Wild Dog, and it's one of the best things going.

With that in mind, it makes sense that the line's approach to Jack Kirby's Fourth World looks beyond the usual characters, like Orion and Mister Miracle, and puts the spotlight on someone else. Hence Bug: The Adventures of Forager.

Revealed today at the AV Club, Bug is set to debut in May as the next project from Lee Allred, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred, a team that has been described by the line's curator, Gerard Way, as "the First Family of Comics." Way promises that the title will offer a "multiversal journey" in celebration of Jack Kirby.


New Gods #10, DC Comics
New Gods #10, DC Comics


Forager --- sometimes called Bug --- made his first appearance in New Gods #9, scrounging food from the "places" of the ancient "eternals" before making his way to Earth in the following issue. Despite having adventures that exist on a relatively small scale compared to the fate-of-the-universe punch-outs between Orion, Lightray, and the minions of Darkseid, he provides an interesting perspective on the cosmic events around him. Also, he's in one of the most emotional moments in DC Comics history. Seriously, read Jim Starlin and Mike Mignola's Cosmic Odyssey sometime, if you haven't already.

Those few appearances were enough to spark Michael Allred's imagination. Here's what he told the AV Club:

If you gave me the chance to list the characters I’d most like to get my hands on from Kirby’s Fourth World, Forager the Bug sits squarely at the top. And now we are throwing him into the DC’s Young Animal mix, winding him up and letting him go! When you add in our not-so-secret weapon of Laura’s magical colors, I couldn’t possibly be more pumped about this series!

Bug!: The Adventures of Forager hits shelves on May 10, 2017.


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