Multimedia concept art is always pretty neat, if only to see how things might've been, and that's especially true for movies based on comics. We're all pretty familiar with how the real Spider-Man (oh you know what I mean) looks, so little twists to his costume that are done for the big screen are always worth looking at, even if they run the gamut between "pretty cool" and "terrifyingly awful."

Fortunately, Jared Krichevsky's concepts for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 skew a lot closer to the former. He's got art for how the movie might've looked, in a world where, as CA's Caleb Goellner put it, "the Rhino looks like Kamen Rider Kabuto and Miles Morales was the star."

[Upadte: Kirchevsky has been asked to remove the images from his website by Sony Pictures and we've complied with a similar request to remove them from ComicsAlliance]

The idea of the movie version of Spider-Man running around in an outfit inspired by Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of Marvel's "Ultimate" universe, is especially intriguing, given Avi Arad's comments about the roughly 0% chance of Morales himself appearing in a movie. Probably for the best that they didn't put that costume on Andrew Garfield.



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