Superhero comic fans love alternate universes and the doppelgangers that reside within, which is part of the reason that Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel's "Spider-Verse" was such a hit. To celebrate the many incarnations of the webhead, Mondo have just released two limited edition prints by DKNG, along with a set of Spider-Verse themed enamel pins by Tom Whalen featuring variant Peter, Miles and Gwen.

The print by DKNG is presented as an infographic that goes chronologically through Spider-Man's history, highlighting notable costume changes or alternate versions. It features different identities of Peter Parker such as The Amazing Bag-Man, Symbiote Spider-Man and The Slingers, but mostly focuses on extradimensional doppelgangers such as Spider-Man 1602, Spider-Man Noir and Spider UK. The blue variant features many of the same core characters, but also mixes up the roster with incarnations like Betty Brant Spider-Girl, Spider-Ma'am and Spider-Ham, among others.




Tom Whalen's enamel pin designs continue a trend of really eye-catching designs by Mondo and feature Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Miles Morales and a stunning Steve Ditko-esque "Spidey-Sense" pin showcasing the classic visual cue that showcases Peter Parker's powers flaring up when danger is imminent. Mondo's pins are always of the highest quality, but this set looks to be one of the best they've ever produced.


Tom Whalen / Mondo


The Spider-Verse prints are available as a timed release for the next three days, until Sunday (3/26) at 10AM CST. There is the option of the standard mustard yellow background, or a blue variant and both are on sale for $50. The Spider-Verse pins don't seem to have a cut-off date for order and are on sale for $35 for the set, or for $10 each individually.

Head to Mondo's website for more information.