With actor Tom Holland's take on Spider-Man having finally made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the new Captain America: Civil War trailer (with animated eyes!), it feels like a good time to pay tribute to some other people who have donned variations of the Spider-Man costume over the years --- and we don't mean the actors, we mean the fans.

There have been a lot of Spider-Men in comic book history since the original Peter Parker incarnation back in 1962. Besides the Amazing and Spectacular Pete, we’ve got clones, alternate universes, body swaps, role reversals, and almost every other incarnation you can think to put the word “Spider” in front of, including a number of awesome Spider-Woman. To that end, there is a lot you can do with Spidey as a character, and just as much you can do with a Spidey cosplay.

You’ll see a lot of that versatility right here in this gallery. We’ve taken some of the best from several years of conventions to bring you first rate cosplay featuring Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Ben Reilly, Spider-GwenSilk, and other quirky variants of the popular web-slinging hero.

Whichever costumes these cosplayers bring to life, it’s just as interesting to see what pose they decide to strike. Spidey is an acrobatic hero, and capturing that perfect dynamic pose can be just as important as the costume itself.

Take a look at the treasure trove of cosplay goodness representing a range of timelines and incarnations of our favorite webslingers. These are the best Spider-Man and Spider-Woman cosplays ever.



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