Wondering what to expect from the sequel to this summer's The Amazing Spider-Man movie? Hidden in a news report about one of the actors expected to join the cast for the new movie were some surprising plot revelations that suggest that the movies will follow a particularly tragic thread of Peter Parker's comic book life. Spoilers ahead.In a report at the Hollywood Reporter about Shailene Woodley being rumored to be attached to a movie version of the Young Adult novel Divergent, there's mention of the fact that she's also rumored to play Mary Jane Watson in Marc Webb's second Spider-Man movie, with this explanation of the circumstance:

Woodley initially had scheduling issues as an obstacle to the dealmaking, having had offers to play both Mary Jane and the Divergent lead. But the Mary Jane role is proving to be only a very small part in Amazing Spider-Man 2 but blossoms into an integral lead for the planned third movie as the studio seeks to build to the classic "Death of Gwen Stacy" story.

If true, then perhaps we can expect an appearance of Norman Osborn in this second movie... unless someone else is going to throw Gwen off the bridge in the movie, of course. Has anyone told Emma Stone that her days appear to be numbered just yet...?

(Also, if this is the plan, will Gwen make it through the second movie alive? After all, there are few bigger cliffhangers than choosing to end the second installment with Gwen's death...)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Tentative title) is scheduled to be released May 2, 2014.

[Via THR]

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