Depending on where fans preordered Activision and Beenox's The Amazing Spider-Man video game, they've been able to swing around as Spidey co-creator Stan Lee or rampage as The Rhino since the movie epilogue game's June release. For those who waited, however, yesterday marked the release of these two bonus modes -- plus new "Oscorp Search & Destroy" and "Lizard Rampage" packs, which can be downloaded separately for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Steam for about $3-4 a pop/240-320 MS Points. PS3 and Steam players can also big up all four packs in one big $9.99 bundle if they feel so inclined. In terms of raw value, the new Lizard pack seems as if it might deliver the most bang for its buck. Then again, maybe I'm underestimating how much players want to... play retro games on Spider-Man's phone in the Oscorp pack? You can check out images of official descriptions of each The Amazing Spider-Man game DLC Pack after the cut to see which ones make your DLC sense tingle.

From Activision's official press release:

Stan Lee Pack
Players take on the role of Stan "The Man" Lee in his own special mission across Manhattan, borrowing abilities from his old pal Spider-Man as they collect pages of his latest script in a spectacular race around Manhattan. Stan's mission is punctuated with his witty banter that fans have come to know and love, and a special surprise waits for them at the end of the mission – after all, this year is Spider-Man's 50th anniversary!

Lizard Rampage Pack

The notorious Lizard is on the loose again in Manhattan! Take on the role of Dr. Connors' terrifying alter ego in a race against time. Go berserk through the streets using his devastating stomp attack and tail swipe to defeat Oscorp guards and earn mega points. Use his boost jump to bound great distances over the city. Destroy blast towers to buy yourself more time and delay Oscorp from releasing their cross-species containment blast across the city! This pack also includes the exclusive Vigilante Spider-Man Suit from the feature film, the suit Peter Parker dons to fight crime before developing his famous costume.

Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack
In The Amazing Spider-Man video game, Spider-Man has his own smartphone to help navigate around Manhattan, locate missions and challenges and fight crime. With this pack, Spider-Man's smartphone will feature two mini-games inspired by classic arcade fun.

Rhino Challenge Pack
Take control of the massive, genetically engineered villain Rhino and rampage around Manhattan in an exclusive gameplay challenge of pure destruction! As Rhino, players will be able to unleash his formidable powers to destroy anything and everything in his path in a timed event full of speed, combo streaks, and of course, a ton of things to break!

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