Got a Bloodshot story you've been aching to show the world, but worried that Valiant Comics might not assent to its publication? Fear not.

Amazon announced this morning that it has secured the license for Valiant characters to be part of its Kindle Worlds fan fiction portal. That means you can write stories with the characters from Harbinger or Archer and Armstrong to your heart's content, make those stories available digitally on Amazon, and maybe even get paid in the process.

If you do publish your story, you'll be joining the ranks of writers including Jason Starr, Robert Rodi, Scott Nicholson and Stuart Moore, whose commissioned Valiant stories will be among the offerings available when Amazon Worlds officially opens for business later this month.

"Kindle Worlds presents an amazing opportunity to bring Valiant's wide-ranging universe of characters to a new medium, and empower fans and aspiring creators," Gavin Cuneo, Valiant's Chief Financial Officer and head of strategic development, said in a statement. "Comics are well known for their passionate and interactive fan communities, and, through the Kindle Worlds platform, we're excited to give aspiring authors and fans the opportunity to work within the Valiant Universe, make their stories accessible to a large audience, and earn revenue for their work."

Of course, the agreement only applies to characters currently under the Valiant banner. If a character Valiant previously licensed from Gold Key Comics -- Solar, Turok, Magnus, etc. -- appears in a story, it won't fly, according to a Valiant spokesman. A story that includes one of those characters would be considered unauthorized and therefore ineligible for the program, just like if Batman or a Ninja Turtle showed up to meet Quantum and Woody.

About the money: Authors get a royalty of 35 percent of net revenues on works longer than 10,000 words; for stories that are 5,000 to 10,000 words, authors get a royalty rate of 20 percent.

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