AMC’s love of comic book culture has spread like wildfire in recent years, from two Walking Dead series to Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men to Preacher, and now Dead creator Robert Kirkman will fan the flames. The network has officially commissioned a new History of Comic Books docu-series exploring the medium’s very origins into 2017.

Per the network’s official word, documentary series Heroes and Villains: The History of Comic Books (it’s a working title) will arrive in 2017, as executive produced by Walking Dead bosses Robert Kirkman and David Alpert through Skybound Entertainment. So reads the official synopsis:

The six-part one-hour documentary series will explore the stories, people, and events that have transformed the world of comic books. Using a distinctive filmmaker approach, the series takes a deep dive into the most accessible and often subversive modern popular art form. From origin stories to the untold history behind iconic characters, “Heroes and Villains” will explore a wide range of topics including: pop culture, politics, race, gender and sexuality.

And says Kirkman himself:

At the end of the day I am a comic fan first and foremost. I am a lover of the medium and the stories it enables people to tell. I’m excited to partner with AMC once again to bring the stories of some the most influential people in comics to a television audience.

Kirkman has certainly been on his guard as a comic book fan over the last few weeks, but will a new docu-series help his case? What obscure history of the medium might end up uncovered?

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