Recently, AMC Preacher executive producer Seth Rogen shared some of our first photos of the core trio, but even more news will arrive from the comic drama’s SXSW premiere. To wit, we now know that Breaking Bad’s composer will score Preacher, which now eyes a formal May premiere.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Breaking Bad composer Dave Porter will take up duties scoring Preacher, having devised the main theme and music for all 62 episodes of the iconic meth drama. Additionally, AMC has now confirmed that Preacher will premiere in May of 2016, with a more official date to follow.

For those unfamiliar with the 1990s comic series from Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon, AMC’s official description of Preacher reads:

Preacher is about Jesse Custer, a conflicted Preacher in a small Texas town who merges with a creature that has escaped from heaven and develops the ability to make anyone do anything he says. Along with his ex-girlfriend, Tulip, and an Irish vampire named Cassidy, the three embark on a journey to literally find God.

The original Preacher had itself been optioned for various adaptations many times over the years, while AMC’s incarnation will deviate from the comic in certain respects. Sam Catlin (Breaking Bad) will serve as executive producer and showrunner for the new series, while fellow producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg will direct the pilot episode, having written the script with Catlin.

It’s taken some time to get Preacher in live-action, but will the AMC series live up to expectations, whenever it premieres in May?


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