DC Comics and Amy Reeder have confirmed that the artist will no longer draw issues #9-11 of Batwoman. Instead, Trevor McCarthy will handle those issues before series co-writer and co-artist J.H. Williams III returns to the rotation with August's issue #12 as planned. On her Facebook page, Reeder said the move was prompted by "some real creative differences... to the point that it became untenable."An Eisner nominee for her work in the much missed Madame Xanadu series from Vertigo, Reeder's lush, manga-influenced style brought to Batwoman a different flavor of the complex visual storytelling that Williams had established with his earlier work with the character. You can see this in full effect in this previous CA post showcasing Reeder and inker Richard Friend's Batwoman pages and artistic process.

Obviously the news of her departure after just three issues comes as a real blow to fans of Reeder -- and no doubt to the artist herself -- who waited a whole year to see her work apear in the much delayed Batwoman title. Lamentations have already begun appearing on her Facebook page. Compounding matters is the fact that Reeder is one of the few female creators working on a New 52 title. For her part, Reeder wrote, "It's definitely regrettable."

Replacing Reeder as the Batwoman penciller for issues #9-11 is Trevor McCarthy, recently of Nightwing and Batman: Gates of Gotham, where he demonstrated a strong aptitude for dynamic page design and high-flying action. But Batwoman is arguably the best looking superhero book to come along in years, and is certainly the most beautiful of the New 52 line. DC's Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras acknowledged the challenge McCarthy faces, telling DC's blog, "Amy Reeder's contribution to Batwoman has been a beautiful transition from J.H.'s first story arc" and that McCarthy will "have to bring [his] A-game to maintain those standards." It remains to be seen whether McCarthy will remain a permanent member of Batwoman's rotating art team with Williams.

In other Batman-related art news, Ed Benes will be filling in for artist Tony Daniel for issues #10-12 of Detective Comics. Daniel will continue to write the series and return to drawing it with issue #13.

[Via DC Comics, CBR]

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