Having the right tools for the right job is key for any DIY project, but for fans of "Doctor Who," the perfect power tool is still centuries away. Fortunately we 21st century humans can still fake futuristic awesomeness with an analog version of the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver by Underground Toys, which is now available for preorder online.

The stylized metallic screwdriver comes with three working tips sized large, medium and small. Each tip pulls double duty with reversible Phillips and Flat-Head ends more than capable of taking apart (and putting back together) your '80s G.I. Joe action figures. I mean, what else would you use a conventional screwdriver for? Okay, maybe taking apart Dalek toys too.

The interior of the device even serves as storage for each tip, meaning you're much less likely to lose them in your garage/TARDIS/home office. It's completely the same size on the inside, however.
[Via The Big Bad Toy Store]

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