Andre De Freitas paints portraits that will stare holes straight through your head-and that goes doubly for the ones with flaky zombie flesh and holes in their own heads. De Freitas has zombified a couple of normally unassuming fellows with his Tintin, Waldo and Iron Man studies, and his living subjects are just as impressive.The Wonder Woman print in his Society6 store is as intimating as anything you'll find on the DC heroine's comic book covers. There's also a Barbara Gordon in there that is absolutely mesmerizing. What's amazing is how De Freitas is able to do so much with little more than a facial expression and a solid backdrop.

But of course if zombies are what you crave, he's got plenty more of those as well, from Charlie Brown to Batman, and they all look like they could use a good dermatologist. Check out the lumbering mouthbreathers, as well as some ladies with much healthier skin below.