From Venom's eyes and Hawkeye's mask to The Flash's ear lightning and The Thing's skin, the right facial details can really set hero or villain apart. Artist Andres Romero doesn't even need a clearly defined head in most cases to show who his subject is, and plenty of his works would make for frame-perfect posters.Batman: The Animated Series, Mario and Power Rangers lovers will understand what we mean when they look at Romero's Tumblr account. There, he goes by the name Blo0p, and his Rorschach and Comedian pieces are the least controversial Watchmen spin-offs that we've seen this week.

Drill down into his deviantART account, too. Romero's Tick, Spider Jerusalem and John Constantine are all brilliant and waiting to stare you down with their empty eye sockets. He has even prepared a few of them as desktop wallpapers, just in case you like his Spidey, Hulk or Nightcrawler well enough to slap them on your monitor.

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