Andy Kuhn and Phil Hester's Firebreather spawned a full-on animated feature for Cartoon Network last week, but the artist who first figured out what Duncan Rosenblatt would look like has also contributed to comics like Blue Beetle, Marvel Adventures and Hulk and the Power Pack, as well as the fine tradition of quality commissioned sketches.
Kuhn wields a spunky, animated quality in his work, but he tempers it with shadows and slender, often understated proportions that put him in a category with the likes of Mike Mignola and Gabriel Bá. His skills, and interpretations of The Hulk, Batman, Superman and others demonstrate those talents on a regular basis over on his Kuhnart blog, where he seasons his posts with plenty of personality and gratitude toward his fans.

Scope out his ever-growing body of work there and enjoy our favorite picks, including his Daredevil, Hellboy and Deadpool below.