Valentine's Day is here at last, and that means that it's time to celebrate the people we love. Admittedly, most of the people we love are fictional vigilantes, but still: Romance is in the air. And for those of us looking for the perfect way to express it, a few of our (real) favorite people have cooked up some amazing Valentines!

Check out a few of our favorites by artists like Anthony Clark, Jess Fink, Andy Kuhn, Joe Quinones and more, featuring lovey-dovey subjects from Harley Quinn to "Diamond" David Lee Roth!Anthony Clark brings us a rather alarming look at love that's also pretty accurate to how it tends to make me feel:

Andy Kuhn expresses his love in the most romantic way possbile: With Van Halen:

Bryan Lee O'Malley drew this for last year's Valentine's Day, but it's never the wrong time for some equal opportunity Scott Pilgrim objectification:

Joe Quinones adds a romantically appropriate new color scheme to a page he did about a codependent psychopath and her murderous boyfriend... so... uh... Happy Valentine's Day?

Dean Trippe paints an accurate portrait of Batman as a guy who tends to express his emotions by throwing things at people:

Jess Fink draws a whole lotta smoochin':

Ramon Villalobos shows that you can find true love, even if you're the Last Boy On Earth (and comics' greatest jorts aficionado):

Matt Bors did a handful of (awesome) X-Men Valentines that you should check out immediately, but Wolverine is my favorite:

Click on each artist's name to see more of their work, and have a Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here at ComicsAlliance -- We "CA" Cool Friend In You!

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