There's been a real resurgence among tabletop gaming in the past few years; whether it's board games, roleplaying adventures or deck-building card games, the market is booming with new licenses and takes on traditional gameplay mechanics. Yesterday, Renegade Games announced it was partnering with Oni Press for a Scott Pilgrim themed deck-building game that forces players to choose between the easy path of violence or the mature route of empathy.

The game, based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's breakthrough hit series of Scott Pilgrim original graphic novels, is designed by Keith Baker and gives players the chance to live in the Scott Pilgrim universe as they play against up to five other players in a unique take on deck-building mechanics.

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game sees players choosing which of their favorite characters from the franchise to play as and each character has a unique deck with double-sided cards allowing the players to choose between video-game violence and hard work and compassion. The goal of the game is to echo the series' themes of growing up, friendship and rocking out as part of the best unheard band in all of Toronto.

In a statement provided, Renegade Games' president Scott Gaeta added:

"Renting your first apartment, falling in love, and getting a job are things everyone's gone through. Keith Baker has done an incredible job recreating these life choices in a deck-building format while incorporating the video game style button-mashing combo moves that we loved in the graphic novel fight scenes.”

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card Game will be in stores this summer, with a suggested retail price of $45.


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