Troy Little and Nick Cross's Angora Napkin series has had a pretty triumphant past few years. Debuting in 2009, the comedic, sci-fi infused adventures of an all-woman rock band kicked off in a (Eisner Award-nominated) hardcover volume from IDW before coming to life in animation in a pilot on Canada's Teletoon network in 2010, launching as a webcomic in 2012 and now getting a second printed volume here in 2013. Anogra Napkin, Vol. 2: Harvest of Revenge arrived in comic shops this week, reuniting Beatrice, Molly and Mallory for another chaotic chapter in their lives spanning 164 pages. IDW has supplied us with a heaping helping of preview pages, which you can scope out past the cut.

From IDW's official solicitation info:

Welcome to the next mind-numbing chapter in the Eisner Nominated ANGORA NAPKIN saga! A quiet gig in a desolate Hell's Angels bar unexpectedly turns violent! Mallory has been abducted! One by one the girls of Angora Napkin fall prey to the sinister machinations orchestrated by the psychotic uber-nerd known only as Mr. Otaku. What diabolical master plan does he hold in store for this luscious trio? Are you nerd enough to delve into horror beyond imagination? Then brace yourself for the insane sex-violence that is HARVEST OF REVENGE!

You can check out Angora Napkin Vol. 2 below.

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