Scourge of the Hawker Stalls. The Man Who Will Put Anything in his Mouth. Matter-Eater Lad. These are but a few possible superhero monikers for chef Anthony Bourdain, the culinary thrillseeker best known for his best-selling "Kitchen Confidential" and "No Reservations" on Travel Channel. You see, having presumably run out of unspeakably horrible things to eat as well as "Top Chef" contestants to terrorize, Bourdain is turning his attentions to the field of graphic novels via DC Comics.As reported by Robot 6, Bourdain revealed in recent interviews that he is writing "Get Jiro!", which he described as a graphic novel about "ultra-violent food nerds". "It's a gourmet slaughter-fest, sort of like 'Fistful of Dollars' meets 'Eat Drink Man Woman.'" If that doesn't sound insane enough, the acerbic chef also pitched his book as, "'Yojimbo' meets 'Big Night' and 'Babette's Feast', an ultra-violent slaughter-fest over culinary arcana.'"

Although no illustrator was mentioned, Bourdain said he's working with DC on 'Get Jiro!', but Bourdain swears a lot so we can probably assume the book will be released by the publisher's Vertigo imprint.

[Via Robot6]

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