Ah, it's that wonderful time of year once again. The lights are up, the presents are beneath the trees, and children all over the world are waiting for a visit from Gifto the Clown. I just hope we've got enough cookies and milk to --- wait, what's that? You say you've never heard of Gifto the Clown?! Why, that can't be right! Everyone knows Gifto!

Everyone who follows Anthony Clark's Nedroid Comics on Tumblr, I mean. If you do, then you already know about the seasonal annoyance of Gifto, who appears in a typically charming six-page story that will no doubt get you in the mood for the holidays. And if you don't, well, you should probably go read it right now.


Gifto the Clown by Anthony Clark


While Gifto represents Clark's latest foray into Christmas Cheer, he's certainly not the only one. Clark has, of course, illustrated a tale of St. Nicholas written by frequent ComicsAlliance contributor Benito Cereno that tied together two obscure poop-related Christmas traditions from Catalonia into a single event. And, of course, there have been plenty of Christmas adventures starring Clark's own Reginald the bird and Beartato the Beartato, including this three-part saga and a cheerful rhyming follow-up called "Beartato's 1,000,000 Christmas Extravaganza."

Gifto the Clown, on the other hand, is a bold new Christmas tradition. With his oddly familiar clothes and horrifically abrasive attitude --- and his tendency to make off with your dogs when you least expect it --- he has the potential to be the next great yuletide figure. Or, at the very least, the Sensational Characeter Find of December 21, 2015.


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