Though the menace that is Krampus traditionally taunts/beats/drags children off to meet the devil during the first two weeks of December, it's always a good idea to maintain vigilance throughout the entire holiday season - especially if you're a ComicsAlliance reader. If you read our stuff, we can only imagine the kind of comic book content you indulged in over the course of 2010. Lucky for you, we had renowned creator Anthony Clark illustrate a proper greeting card warning that helps us all maintain vigilance should the demonic punishment Krampus come a calling!

Be sure to print them out and send to your friends so they'll know exactly how much you're thinking about them this holiday season! Seriously, they'll want a warning about Krampus.View the card's full images and save a printable version below:




Printable/Foldable Version (Click for full sized version for 8.5x11 paper)

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