This week's Brightest Day #19 saw a violent turn of the tide in the life of DC Comics' Sea King, so cartoonists Dean Trippe and Jordan Gibson took it upon themselves to lend Aquaman a hand.The original Aquaman's return during the events of Blackest Night was bittersweet for longtime DC Comics fans. On the one hand, readers were thrilled to see the legendary King of the Seas, Arthur Curry, back in the pages of a major superhero comic book. On the other hand, WTF was with that new-fangled two-handed Aquaman? Everybody knows Aquaman only has one hand and always hand one hand (shut up shut up shut up).

The controversy was resolved this week in DC's Brightest Day #19, wherein Aquaman is finally relieved of his excess appendage in a move that was described by the ComicsAlliance staff as not only amazing (because of the drama) but also hilarious (because this time he lost the other hand!!!). Cartoonists Dean Trippe and Jordan Gibson were so inspired by the scene, they created a brilliant Brightest Day spinoff that is fully realized despite being just one single image.

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