It looks like Brightest Day wasn't enough to keep Aquaman around. For those of you who like a little depression with your comics -- or a little comics with your depression - The Aquaman Shrine, which is exactly what it sound like, recently put up a doctored DC cover that shows Aquaman killed by the British Petroleum spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

But the drama didn't stop there.

The cover went viral, and has been making its way around the internet ever since. It has been posted by dozens of websites and made its way around the comics-environmentalist world, which has turned out to be very large.

And possibly very profitable.

On June 4th, The Aquaman Shrine put up a new post about the BP Aquaman cover. It seems that someone thought that the cover was popular enough to sell, and has posted a listing for it on eBay. The owner of the shrine points out that the scan on the shirt has very low resolution and low quality.

Though the shirt has an environmental message printed on the back, the seller has so many other t-shirts for sale that it's unlikely that the motivation for selling the shirt is ecological. There is no mention of a portion of the profits from the t-shirt sale going to the gulf coast clean up. Is this another example of corporate greed, this time on a smaller scale?