Ever since their return in 2012, Archer and Armstrong have had a series of adventures that I think it's fair to describe as "increasingly weird." They've fought a cult made up of the super-rich, they've fought a different cult that worships the number zero, they've followed a treasure map that was tattooed on a hobo's rear end, and --- most recently --- they've been journeying to the bottom of Armstrong's magic bottomless bag, which was otherwise full of a thousand years' worth of pocket litter. With all that, I have to imagine that it's pretty weird to come up with new situations that are somehow even weirder.

But that is a challenge that Rafer Roberts and Mike Norton have decided to tackle head on in the next arc of A&A. In "Welcome To Clowntown," Valiant's second-favorite mismatched pair find themselves trapped in a carnival staffed entirely with clones of Armstrong.

Check out more information and an exclusive reveal of the covers for A&A #6 below!


A&A #6 Cover B by Kano
A&A #6 Cover C by Darick Robertson
A&A #6 Cover D by Rafer Roberts


And here's what Valiant has to say about the new arc:

This summer, meet the strangest show on earth when “NEXT STOP CLOWNTOWN” rains carnies, cotton candy, and chaos down on Valiant’s history-smashing adventurers!

Valiant is proud to announce “NEXT STOP CLOWNTOWN” – AN ALL-NEW JUMPING-ON POINT beginning this August in A&A: THE ADVENTURES OF ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #6! Jump on board one of the year’s most critically acclaimed new series here as red-hot rising star Rafer Roberts (Plastic Farm) and Eisner Award-winning sensation Mike Norton (Revival) unleash of baffling barrage of misguided mad science creations on a midway like no other! They’ve gone to head to head with the Greek god of partying, and even found romance along the way. But nothing can prepare Archer & Armstrong for what awaits within the weirdest carnival this side of the Mississippi… Especially one that’s populated by an entire gaggle of maladjusted Armstrong clones!

Archer and Armstrong are on the hunt for Armstrong’s long-lost wife, and the clues have put them on the trail of America’s craziest traveling circus! But it’s not just clowns, geeks, and strongmen lurking under the big top... When the world’s premier adventure duo discover dozens of mutated Armstrong doppelgängers secretly running the show, all heck is bound to break loose! And it’s only going to get worse when Davey the Mackerel returns with a shocking new set of secrets about Armstrong’s bottomless satchel…and what else might be soon plotting its escape!