As has become a tradition for Valiant over the last couple of years, the publisher's Free Comic Book Day offering closes with teasers for new books launching later in 2015. This year's comic teased returns for Archer & Armstrong, Eternal Warrior, and Harbinger; it looks as though Valiant is bringing it all back harder than an S Club 7 reunion tour.




First up are Archer & Armstrong, in a teaser image by Kano, the artist for the recent miniseries The Delinquents, which also starred the pair. Valiant doesn't offer a date for when the buddy superhero comedy will return, or a creative team, but Kano seems a likely choice for artist.

Meanwhile, artist Cary Nord provides the teaser for a November return for The Eternal Warrior, who has clearly been one of Valiant's favorite characters since the line relaunch in 2012. The character is joined here by the new Geomancer, a young girl from the future called Tama, introduced at the end of The Valiant.



Harbinger is the final new series teased in the issue, with an image that appears to be the work of Trevor Hairsine. Once more, there's nothing to indicate when the characters will return, or which creative team will handle it --- but at least we know Zephyr (everybody's favorite) will be back soon.

There's no sign of the much-anticipated second Doctor Mirage miniseries from Jen Van Meter and Roberto De La Torre, nor any sign of Shadowman, who would seemed to be a lock for a new series, given he's one of Valiant's best-known characters, but that doesn't mean those series aren't in the works. They may just be a little further off.

Sadly there's also no ongoing series for Ales Kot and Adam Gorham's '80s tech cyborg Beta Max, although perhaps that one is best left in our collective dreams.