Over the past year or so, Valiant's Bloodshot titles --- which are, collectively, one of the best things in comics today --- seem to have moved away from the ongoing series and into the Hellboy-esque model of doing a series of mini-series, with each one built around a big high concept. We've been through "Bloodshot Island" --- the final arc of the Bloodshot Reborn ongoing series --- and then into Bloodshot USA, and in 2017, we'll be heading into Bloodshot Salvation, too.

But before we get to that one, it seems that Bloodshot Reborn has one last gasp: A #0 issue by Jeff Lemire and Renato Guedes that will bridge USA with Salvation, and contains a reveal so shocking that one of the "cover" images Valiant sent us was literally just a red rectangle with the words "Top Secret! Major Spoilers!" written on it. Seriously.

But you can check out the other covers below!


Bloodshot Reborn #0 by Kano
Bloodshot Reborn #0 by Dave Johnson
Bloodshot Reborn #0 cover by Peter Bagge


Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover A by JUAN DOE
Cover B by KANO
Variant Cover by PETER BAGGE
Top-Secret Spoiler Variant by CLASSIFIED
FINAL ISSUE | $3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | COMING THIS MARCH!

On March 22nd, in the searing aftermath of BLOODSHOT U.S.A., perhaps the most important issue in Jeff Lemire’s continuing Bloodshot epic can finally be told. Don't miss this very special story...as Valiant unveils a shocking new revelation in the Bloodshot saga. The next chapter of Bloodshot starts here!

“From THE VALIANT to BLOODSHOT REBORN and BLOODSHOT U.S.A., Jeff Lemire has brought a level of vision and intensity to Bloodshot that has completely redefined the character and his place as one of Valiant’s most premier heroes,” said Valiant Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons. “Now, as BLOODSHOT REBORN draws towards its explosive finale, we stand poised on the brink of a series of seismic changes that will defy expectations and begin the bloodied road toward BLOODSHOT SALVATION – Jeff’s next major Valiant project, and a title that will have major repercussions for the Valiant Universe in the weeks and months ahead…”

On March 22nd, be there as Jeff Lemire and Renato Guedes start the next chapter of Bloodshot! Secrets and shockers await, only in BLOODSHOT REBORN #0 – featuring covers by Juan Doe (Wolverines), Kano (Daredevil), Dave Johnson (100 Bullets), Lesley-Anne Green (Descender), and Peter Bagge (HATE!), alongside a TOP-SECRET SPOILER COVER with a major revelation for Bloodshot’s future!

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