From its upcoming "Twilite" storyline to the digital "Betty the Vampire Slayer vs. Vampironica" tale, Archie Comics certainly hasn't shied away from parodying the scarier side of youth culture of late. For many, however, the scariest story is yet to come. This July Archie and the gang will spoof none other than MTV's "Jersey Shore" in "Archie & Friends" #145.

According to an interview with Archie creator Dan Parent at Comics Continuum the "Riverdale Shore" story will reference orangey tans, big hair, bickering, the influence of cameras on otherwise normal behavior and other iconic components of "Jersey Shore" without replicating sexual content or referencing Italian Americans in a demeaning manner (the word "Guido" won't get tossed around). The content balance seems like pretty much exactly what you'd expect from an all-ages Archie book, although Parent did acknowledge a certain hot tub scene:

"There's a hot tub, but nothing racy happens, although Jughead does make a mess of it!"

The issue will arrive just in time to coincide with the second season of "Jersey Shore," which is set to begin on MTV on July 29. See the full cover in all its orange glory after the jump.

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