Archie Andrews is so hot right now. With KJ Apa dazzling us on screens in The CW’s Riverdale, Archie is all of a sudden a sex symbol for viewers around the world, and it’s a lot easier to see while the girls of Riverdale have been chasing after the waffle-haired boy-next-door for more than seventy years.

While Archie’s known for being part of the most iconic love triangle in fiction, he’s also a bit of a player, who has been known to date around. Take a look back at eight of the most memorable Archie Andrews love interests.

  • Betty Cooper

    Created by Bob Montana & John L. Goldwater (Pep Comics #22)

    Betty Cooper was introduced in the very first appearance of Archie, back when he was still trying to convince people to address him by the nickname “Chick.” In her debut appearance, Betty had just moved in next door, but the pair are now usually presented as having been neighbours and friends since their earliest years.

    Betty is often the archetypical “good girl,” and not as proactive as some of her romantic rivals, but when push comes to shove, she’ll make sure Archie’s head turns her way.

    Archie Comics
  • Veronica Lodge

    Created by Bob Montana & John L. Goldwater (Pep Comics #26)

    Veronica Lodge wasn't far behind Betty, and debuted four issues later as the new girl in Riverdale that all the boys were falling over themselves to impress. Her presence often makes Archie forget himself, making him even more clumsy and awkward than he usually us; something Veronica finds oddly charming.

    While she can be cold --- and occasionally mean --- Veronica is never cruel, and when it comes down to what really matters, she does truly care about Archie.

    Archie Comics
  • Cricket O'Dell

    Created by Frank Smith & Dan DeCarlo (She's Josie #12)

    Cricket O’Dell is one of the oddest characters in Archie’s canon, and that’s saying something. She has the ability to literally sniff out money, and in her first appearance she was so obsessed with money that she was attracted to anyone with it. She fell for Archie after smelling Veronica’s money on him, but quickly realised he wasn’t anywhere near as rich as the Lodges.

    In the years since, Cricket O’Dell has been toned down somewhat. She retains her odd superpower, but the obsession with money has disappeared.

    Archie Comics
  • Valerie Smith

    Created by Dan DeCarlo (Josie and the Pussycats #45)

    Although not one of the original Pussycats, Valerie has been an enduring member of the band since the late '60s, and in recent years has been featured as a love interest for Archie to rival Betty and Veronica. The pair began dating after bonding over their shared love of music, but were ultimately forced apart by her touring commitments around the world.

    Archie Comics has published several comics exploring a future married life for Archie with his various love interests. In Archie and Valerie's possible future life together, they have a daughter named Star Andrews.

    Archie Comics
  • Cheryl Blossom

    Created by Dan DeCarlo (Betty and Veronica #320)

    Cheryl Blossom and her twin brother Jason arrived in Archie Comics like a bombshell, in a story where they were kicked off a beach for going nude and drinking beer, respectively.

    Cheryl was actually removed from the comics in the mid-'80s for appearing too promiscuous for an all-ages franchise like Archie, but she was brought back a decade later as the surprise third choice in a miniseries titled Love Showdown, where Archie was set to finally make a decision between Betty and Veronica.

    Archie Comics
  • Ginger Lopez

    Created by Dan Parent (Archie & Friends #57)

    Ginger Lopez was introduced in the early ‘00s as a replacement for Cheryl, and featured many of the same characteristics and traits. Archie Comics even went so far as to reprint old stories featuring Cheryl that were edited to now feature Ginger in her place.

    The move was rejected by Archie fans to the point that Cheryl was reintroduced to the series, and Ginger was able to develop more of her own personality and interests, which meant she didn't have to fulfill the "mean girl" role anymore and could become a lot nicer.

    Archie Comics
  • Amisha Mehta

    Created by Dan Parent (Archie #650)

    Archie first met Amisha while his band The Archies were on a world tour that stopped off in India. Amisha is a popular Bollywood actress, and was brought in to guest star in the video, which set the tabloids buzzing about a possible relationship between the two stars.

    Amisha later moved to Riverdale and attended Riverdale High, where Archie found himself on the other end of love triangle, competing for her love with Raj Patel.

    Archie Comics
  • Harper Lodge

    Created by Dan Parent & Jewel Kats (Archie #656)

    Harper Lodge is Veronica’s cousin from New York, and a successful fashion designer, children’s book author, and advice columnist. Her character was based on children’s author Jewel Kats, who had pointed out Riverdale’s lack of characters with disabilities to writer Dan Parent. The two writers worked together to develop the new character.

    While the cover to her first appearance teased a romance with Archie, Harper found herself much more interested in Reggie, making her the first person in the history of the world to choose to spend time with Reggie Mantle.

    Archie Comics