When Archie Comics announced that after more than 65 years of dating, Archie would bring a close to his seemingly eternal love triangle with Betty and Veronica by marrying spoiled rich girl Veronica Lodge in "Archie" #601 on September 1st, not everybody was pleased -- especially long-time Betty fan David Luebke, who responded to the news by selling his rare copy of the very first issue of "Archie" -- the best copy known to exist -- for $38,837.

Luebke says that the sale is a protest of Archie's ultimate romantic decision. "It shouldn't be that way," he said. Betty, who comes from a wholesome middle-class background, "is the all-American girl, the one who you would bring home to Mom and Dad and feel comfortable doing so," while Veronica is a materialistic "daddy's girl... Just the idea that Veronica got first crack at it just grates me," says Luebke.

Of course, there was a little more than the righteous indignation of a fan at work: "With the economic downturn being what it is right now, we can use the cash flow," Luebke said.

What do you think? Would you ever sell an old comic to protest a current storyline?
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